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Caerus Framework

Caerus Framework

Customized Protection for Your Unique Needs.


SEH Support

The majority of protective frameworks fall short when it comes to adequately supporting Structured Exception Handling (SEH). However, the Caerus framework excels in handling all language-specific implementations with precision.

CET Support

The current software protectors lack the ability to support the control flow enforcement technology being implemented by the Windows operating system.


Caerus serves as a foundational framework, upon which various tools and functionalities are built.

Binary Rewriting

Caerus has a powerful binary rewriting engine, enabling it to modify binaries in a variety of ways without compromising on correctness, functionality, or performance.

PDB Support

Easily access unexported symbols within system files without the need for signature scanning.

Binary Cleaner

Caerus includes a powerful binary cleaner that can remove debug information, export information, and other sensitive artifacts from your binary.

Code Obfuscation

Caerus is capable of obfuscating your binary, protecting your code from static analysis and making it difficult for attackers to understand.

Fully Configurable

Caerus is fully configurable, allowing you to choose exactly what features you want to use, and how you want to use them.

CI/CD Integration

Caerus can be integrated into your CI/CD pipeline, allowing you to protect your software automatically.